26th March 2012

Man has it been awhile since I last blogged something useful. Well, guess waking up early IS a blissful thing to do everyday :)

Need to update my website, upload wedding photos, finish off unfinished albums and keep on brainstorming.

Have a great week ahead everyone!

May the force be with you!



Sunday - Received a shocking news that an old friend (Chrisvirgil Lee) passed away ... R.I.P buddy ... you'll always be remembered ...

Monday - Went to Sandakan with a bus, journey was 6 hours straight ... we did stop by for 20mins break in Telupid. The fella sitting next to me was a sweet old lady, even offered me food twice :) Arrived KK town around 2pm, it was cloudy already ... Gin picked me up and the dogs were behind waiting for the photoshoot, we went for lunch before heading towards the Complex ... the weather was bad alright, as soon as we reach the venue it started drizzling ... at 1st the situation was still under controlled until Xiao Pei started playing in the puddle of mud & water. Chaos broke loose the other 3 dogs ... Mei Mei, Diamond and Mocha all went crazy. It was hilarious tho coz Gin had to handle all 4 of them. The whole outdoor session, I won't say it was a complete failure but it was fun tho. After the photoshoot was done, got back to the hotel and bath then off to dinner with Shane and Gin. Stefanie came along after that and we went to Balin for some beer. Even tho I didn't get to pay my last respect to my late friend Virgil, the least I could do was to mourn for his death with another friend (Stefanie).

Tuesday - Went breakfast with Gin, visited the Crocodile farm, had Egg Tart then off to the terminal. It was a meaningless Valentine's day. I enjoyed my stay in Sandakan even though it was short but I personally like it there, quiet, less car and peaceful. Will surely visit there again.


I'm gonna round Sabah in ... who knows ... planning stage.


Enjoy that anticipation – really – stop – take a breath – notice everything, at least for a minute. Don’t spend time trying to get to the other end of the road too fast. Where you are is just right. Even if it seems like it’s going to take a long time to come to my end of the road, don’t worry.