17 June 2008 - Tuesday

Wow ... what a day ... got back home too late last night - so I had to write this the next morning, YES correct I'm at home haha ... Reach the office quite early so I had my breakfast alone first since non of my colleague is here yet, accept for one of course. Went straight back to office after breakfast, well my boss and another subcontractor's boss was talking this and that, complaining the government - political stuff of course ... I couldn't bare to listen so I just pretend I was busy at the corner. After that I was dragged to another breakfast session - 9am till 11am - damn that's too long for one breakfast!!! We were talking about Malaysia and Thailand, how these two country differ from ALL aspect.

1) no TOL
2) there's 8 LANES the highway
3) only renew their driving license and road tax ONCE
4) doesn't 'uses' their people's MONEY for funding unnecessary things
5) one more thing - there's no tax for the cars over there

1) lost count the number of TOL stations in Malaysia
2) it's a crappy road here
3) rebate for road users?
4) wow CyberJaya (what is it for again?), Putrajaya (It's for us people or just for show?) & etc
5) what's the price for a brand NEW VIOS in Malaysia and in Thailand?
6) Malaysia BOLEH! in what???

Well, it was a long topic we had that morning.
So green ... after 2 long hours of talk we head back to do our work of course. Not much work though. It was one wasteful day. Had lunch, we talk, we done things, had tea again ...My boss will be going off to India this Sunday. So we had a meeting for those outstanding works left.

It was 6pm something or so, our boss and the subcontractor's boss invited us for a drink at our usual place. Ezzy Pub that is ... played pool, drank, we sang and pool again, play cards, talk, sang ...

That's all we usually do.

Reach home around 1am. Slept soundly.


We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.
Anais Nin

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