20 June 2008

The pool looks like a pool now after the system is running :D
Was quite busy today but I'm not sure what I was busy for ... just got a sad news from back home ... a junior of mine was killed in an accident ... that's really sad to hear ... I can't say I know her well though but hearing that from the person near to you makes it feels like life really is fragile ... I always cherished the friends I have ... and my family ... making every minute and second count ... that's why I always remind myself to live life to the fullest even if it kills me ... life is life ... no one can change it ... accept how we live life ... I want something I really want to hold on to ... something to protect ... something to live my life for ... I can't say I'll live happily ever after but I need to be content with the life I have now even though for an amateur diver like me haha ... I can't argue about it ... I know it sounds abit absurd but well that's who I am ...
Was in my room when I heard something came in to my room from the window ... it was a huge dragon fly ... hehe ... it looks small here but it was the size of my palm ... ok almost the size of my palm haha ... was waiting to go out with a friend for dinner ... :D don't always see me go out socializing ... the place we went for dinner was at Station 1 in Puchong Jaya ... well she was abit late due to work ... no blaming her ... sat there waited for an hour ... when she came and she called just to confirm whether I was there or not ... lol guess what, I WAS at the wrong place ... haha ... she went to where I was haha ... sorry for her ...
she came sitting next to me looking exhausted ... she's over work ... ordered dinner and we chat ... bare in mind this is our first time ever meeting ... 2nd time after that night I met her ... she was wonderful tonight :D we talk and talk ... she reach my place around 10pm and we had dinner and talk and laugh ... 12pm something still talking ... showed her few of my photos taken using my handphone ... first time having someone appreciating the photos I've taken ... so happy!!!
We talked bout her hometown, her work, her favorite things she likes doing, she's talkative but I like it, coz it doesn't create any awkwardness haha ... she likes to talk about eating ... and more bout food and places she travel :D man she's cool!!! haha ... I know I know it's too early for me to be happy about anything ... frankly speaking it was nice having her for dinner ... I'm not sure how it was for her but it was great for me :D aside being hot! she's friendly and nice to talk with ...

Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.
P.J. O'Rourke

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