30 June 2008 - Monday

14 days left

The day for the dive trip is coming close. Almost got my photo gears ready. Got my Canon Power Shot G9 yesterday for RM1700 and just now I just made another online order for the underwater proof housing for the G9, a 58mm lens adaptor and don't forgot a MUST have Raynox DCR-250 43mm (2.5x macro lens).

This 3 items alone cost me RM1113 ... this is really too much ... haha ... putting aside the dive trip which will cost me another RM985, I'm declared broke by the time I'm back home on the 12th. Well who cares, as long as the trip was worth it by the end of the day ...

Gear Checklist:
1) G9 (obtained)
2) Water proof housing (yet to receive)
3) 58mm lens adaptor (yet to receive)
4) RY 250 43mm (yet to receive)

Dive Trip:
14th - 15th July 2008 (Monday 'till Tuesday)
2 days AOW
Cost: RM550/head

16th July (Wednesday)
1 day wreck dive with Borneo Dream's Team
Location: Usukan Bay (2 hours by boat from Kota Kinabalu)
Departure: 0730am
No. Dives: 2 dives
Cost: RM435/head

Freaking Dive Map/site

It's actually the West part of Kudat, which is one of the town's located in Sabah.

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Mor Mor Bunny said...

Remember to put your G9 properly in the water proof casing properly and make sure it's air tight b4 u masuk into water...ya!!!!