18th September 2008 - Gumby

Hello guys =) it's been quite hectic here in town with all the traffic jams and crappy politic talks ... everyone's talking about it ... almost everyone-Lah, I hate everything about it ... the politicians, their promises, their lies, their act, everyone's so dramatic these days ... even blogger's are being arrested - it's not a free country anymore, there's no freedom to express ourselves anymore ... well I wished they arrest me ... I'm not good at expressing myself via blogging coz I curse alot if I were to do so, I prefer doing it in another way =)

Well enough 'bout shitty politic talks here ... non allowed ...
Was in the office days ago, and was surfing during lunch hour - and suddenly I remembered there was one cartoon show during the late 80's ... it was GUMBY!!!! Man do I missed him SOOOOOOoooOOOOO much!!! Started to watch back all the series in youtube ... reminds me the good old bratty days of mine :p

Only those born during the 1980's will recall this character :D time flies, how I wished to return back to those naughty days =) ... well who doesn't ... I'm scared of being old ... feels ...

Haven't been shooting lately, kinda tired and no time this week - maybe will shoot something this weekend :)

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