Re-Defining Everything

It's 2012, I'm not getting younger everyday although I look young haha but I need to achieve something this year.

Planning for dives this year, getting my specialty dives this year. Plans for Sipadan dives are on the way. Can't do things half way, at least another 20 dives this year? That should do it. In order to get myself qualified for DM (Dive Master). Hell I took this long to get to DM? What have I been doing all this time???

Re-defining my photography skills. Will be doing less on weddings and more on conceptual and composite photography. Easy as it sounds, no; hell it's tougher than I thought it would be. Won't know till I've gone through it soon. 1st composite photoshoot will be next month, hope I can make it back KK before my client flies to KL.

Story telling.

Newborns, ahh ... I just can't get enough of those toddler's twinkling nose and belly of 'em.

Need to improve along the road.

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