09 July 2008


3 days left

Was busy finishing some paper works today ... exhausted ... been talking with some of the commercial divers to-be recently ... from our conversation the other day ... it really took some guts and courage to take that big leap of his ... imagine an IT guy ending up taking OW and went Australia to enroll for the course *ADAS I, II & III ... that's a loooooooong way to go man!

*Australian Diver Accreditation scheme

Putting that aside, to enroll for the course you need a rough amount of AUS$ 20k to complete those course within 3 months! wow! wow! wow! That ain't no small amount we're talking 'bout for low income earners like me here ... bare in mind here, converting Australian $ to Malaysia RM does make a difference ... $ ...

1 AUS$ = RM3.1542

Converting it back to Malaysian Ringgit we get around RM55k to RM60k ... you can get a nice car with this amount of cash! Well you know how Malaysian cars are expensive for their TAX!

Well you can either get a loan for the course itself or make loan shark if you're out of options ... haha ... kidding ... never ever make a loan from loan sharks!!! It's cost more than your life ...

After going through 3 months under professional supervision, you're finally a step further into becoming a commercial diver :D ... ok 3 months isn't so long but getting a job from listed Companies ain't a piece of cake ... 'till now my friend who went through all the hassle for the training has to wait for a job offer from any company ... but no worries after getting your first job ... you can pay off the loan easily with your 3 months pay :D

3 more days to go ...

Sorry had some trouble focusing with my hand shaking ... oh man ...

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Andre Gide

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