05 August 2008 - Ryan & Dren's visit

What a day ... 2 more days before I go to Singapore ... yay ... can't wait ... well, had been busy for the past few days ... had dinner wif Ryan and Dren last Sunday, took them to New Paris Restaurant then the night market in Tmn Megah, after that we had some difficult time looking our way back to Dren's place ... which is her fault hahaha ... kidding bahhh ... then Monday we went to Sunway Pyramid, snap some shots over there ... catching a glimspes of the magician trying to con a kid to buy things from him haha ... chilled out near the fountain and took some shots with Ryan while we're there ... we then had dinner in Ming Tien ... regretted for not taking the food we ordered that night, I ordered chicken wings, and ikan bakar, dren ordered claypot chicken rice, something else (forgot the bloody name) and Apom whilst Ryan ordered Hokkien mee ... some meal huh? haha ... time fucking flies ... need to send them back home so soon ... at least I had fun while they're here :D don't worry guys ... next trip I'll bring u guys go Key Hiong Dim Sum, damn nice, tried the place once but I went there alone and ending up not able to finish everything up hehe ...** just got a text msg from dren saying they just arrived =)
*to be updated with pix - need to ask permission first before posting if not ... ??? sorry took so long to upload justa few pics haha ...

sunway lagoon.

ryan & dren

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