2 August 2008 - KK trip Day 2 & 3 (13-14 July 2008)

Day 2 - 13th July 2008

Hmmm ... what did I really do on Sunday? I really don't remember ...

Day 3 - 14th July 2008

The day we've been waiting for haha ... not in the mood to type so I'll let the photos do the talking:)

A school of fish

well the first dive wasn't much coz I was setting out my camera 'till it ran out of battery haha ... went back shore had something to feel up our tummy and chilled out for awhile ...

Lion fish

Bad timing ^^"

Diver buddy - Wee


Instructor Mus teaching us the moves

My favourite - The Puffer fish! so cute and photogenic :D

Heading back home.

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