31 July 2008 - Thursday Night

It was Thursday - had a date with Pouline and Karlson :D Yay~
Took her 2 hours I guess to find my place ... haha ... Sorry Pouline, my fault for giving bad directions :P

After reaching my place, we went straight to KL Central to pick up Karlson! He was shock seeing me in Pouline's car coz we didn't tell him I was coming haha ... still the same old Karlson but getting more and more muscular! Went SOULed OUT for dinner and we, actually Pouline was the one noticed him, there was a HK artist!!!! sorry mate forgot his bloody name :P will post the pic Pouline took with him :D ... then we went Laundry Bar for
lepak (Chill out)
Of coz we went there for the band =) had a great time with both of 'em monkies!


LOL eventually I was the one ending up being drunk =='' arghhh ... after the band we went up to sanctuary for another round with Poling's friend ... time flies so we went back around 3am something I guess ... Karlson was driving and I was at the back bullshitting =='' anyway I had fun with you guys that night :D and hope to catch up with you guys again !

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