10 September 2008 - Sunset at Tanjung Harapan

After work I straight away drove myself to Port Klang, North Port ... actually it wasn't even after working hours ... so, who cares ... took me an hour to reach Tanjung Harapan today ... obviously it was my first drive to North Port and to tell you the truth I have no idea how sure I was to drive there, just memorized the route via wikimapia :D
To reach Tanjung Harapan from Federal Highway, all you need to do drive allllll the way to Klang, when you notice a signboard with North Klang written on it then you're on the right track ... you'll eventually see another signboard after few more kilometres showing TANJUNG HARAPAN ---> Well if you're taking the highway you'll have to tolls at Batu 3 for RM1.10 and another one heading Klang for RM1.00 ... ohya one more thing, if you got a four wheel drive then I suggest you drive your bloody 4x4 coz the road to the destination has lots of pot holes ... so? Just follow the sign to Tanjung Harapan then you're almost there :D you'll come across a golf course where allll the rich buggers waste their money and further up you'll see the famous Sea Food Restaurant on your right hand side ... can't recall the name ... something to do with Muara Sea Food Restaurant ??? The heat can kill you if you're there around 4pm to 5pm ... not much people during weekdays, only weekends ... so lucky me :D don't really want the attention from people actually =='''

Taken with Kenko CPL filter.

Taken w/o Kenko CPL filter.

1 of the hawkers.


That's the Star Cruise.

Anyone notice there's a line of rainbow on mid of right side?

Couldn't get anything outstanding ...

A Replica ship.

Wasn't quite satisfying with the shoots ... sigh ... might try again this Sunday :) Damn tired ...

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