5th September 2008 - Canon Goes Green

Hello fellow readers/ bloggers, I've found something neat on the net :D actually I found the link from the newspaper just now so thought of checking it out for no reason haha ... you guys should check this website too and check out the environMENTALS videos ... so funny man!!!Well obviously it's gotta do with the environmental thingy :D I like the music, damn funny !!! canon goes Green haha ...

Damn I like the website! Especially the colors haha ... and the whistling part haha ... At least there's some awareness about the green thingy in Kuala Lumpur (KL) ... look at the layouts ... huaaaa ... cool or not!!!! *whistling*

*whistling* haha ... they even have goodies!!!! Who doesn't love goodies!!!! let whistle togetherrrrr ... lolzzz ... *whistling*

Ok, I've signed up for the tree planting already !!! Can't wait to go Green!!! haha ... wonder who's the genius to come up with the song haha ...

Damn that's fast!!! Guess I'm invited :D


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