6th September 2008

It's a Saturday ... man I love Saturdays ... coz I can slept the whole day without bothering what's even happening outside my room :D ... it's been raining since morning ... nice time to take a nap, but nahhh ... took the time to rearranged my room and do some house cleaning ... wasn't much productive during the day haha ...

Went to Jln. Pudu, Pudu Plaza to check out a shop actually - the one I saw in ... took me like half an hour to scout for the shop ... damn ... it was at the corner after taking the escalator down ... was planning on buying a bag for my G9, an extra memory card and of course CPL filter :D been wanting to own one ... the owner was polite and knowledgable of course ... finally I bought the items I wanted!!!

Wanted to buy L size but it was wayyy too bulky and huge! So, I just settled for an M size :D.

4GB SDHC SanDisk.

comes with a card reader and a rescue disk.

Kenko CPL filter.

Now I can put alllll my junks(valuable things) into one bag!!! Maybe I squeeze in my PSP huh? ok, I managed to squeeze in all the crucial items needed:

1) Kenko CPL 58mm
2) UV filter 58mm
3) Lens adaptor 58mm
4) Raynox macro lens
5) Cleaning tools
6) Charger (was charging my battery)
7) G9 (was using it to shoot the photos)
8) Extra memory card
9) Lomo camera
10) Film rolls
11) Bandage (for emergency use only)

Hope it doesn't rain again tomorrow, planning to go for an outing myself at FRIM ... then going for a sunset shoot-out in Klang, Tanjung Harapan ... that should keep me occupied for the whole day :D

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