18th October 2008 - KL Photo Fest

Woke up 1115am, quickly bath and grab my gears to Berjaya Time Square - upon reaching the premises outside it looks like no one should be inside so I was abit relieved about it haha ... parked the car and went straight up to the hall, oh my ... the place was infested with photog!!!! Not only that, they're geared up with wide angle lense and telephotos!!! That's for the coming event - Modeling session only for extreme photogs!!!! Oh man, imagine how many of them that day ... there was seminars from Canon, Nikon and also few people I don't know of ...

There was actually this audition their doing among the counters, it's actually a reality show for photographers (non-experienced ones) ... alot of youngsters joined the audition and even those who wanna try out their luck =D like ME!!!! haha ... went it and there was two guys in coats, can't remember their names but told me to pick either 'a' or 'b' for the next question. So I picked 'a' then one of them told me to use a dslr provided without changing the settings and try to shoot the miniature layed infront - first mistake: I went and adjust the settings hahaha ... coz I thought it was off so I was looking for the on button or something to switch it on - man do I look pathetic haha ... and I wasn't suppose to take 2 pics cause they only told me specifically 'ONLY 1' stupid! sure blew my chance away ... well they took my photo after the interview/audition ... took off after the audition after 5 hours of listening, walking, observing, poking, playing, testing, watching and clicking.

I have a sour leg now >.<... damn tired ... will upload the pics soon =)

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