19th October 2008 - CANON GOES GREEN!!!

A day to remember.

Haha sorry took me so long to do some uploading over here ... can't really do anything with the connection so darn slow. It's a Tree Planting Day!!! SUNDAY ... just perfect for the job :D Woke up early and straight away drove to the destination after a bath.

The place was really crowded, the first thing I noticed from the car was everyone was wearing the same clothes ??? Did I missed something here? I attire weren't nearly green so I might be the only person not in green, then again ... there were others who weren't wearing green, lucky me!

Changing room.

Lucky for us, there's a counter for us to pick up our goody bags and T-Shirt! Yay I love goodie bags! haha ... I asked for 'L' size which is an American/UK standard size I guess, so I went to the changing room which was abit uncomfortable haha. Oh man, was it me or did they gave the wrong size to me? The shirt's too damn tight!!! I can almost see my arm pit already haha.


I'm in group 6 - Balau??? Should be the name of the plants the team's gonna plant. The theme for this event was 'Canon Goes Green'. I wasn't expecting alot of people that day, so I wasn't expecting any photographer's to be there as well. well, I was wrong for the first time ... haha ... okok, I was wrong lots of times!!! From the goodie bag, you'll get a cap, a tag with your group no. on it, greenie t-shirt, a pen with canon's logo on it, a small piece of schedule, shorts, under-wears, shoes and sun-glasses! Nah, I was just kidding on the shorts, underwears, shoes and sun-glasses :D

Complete set.

'Today we're gonna plant 2500 trees!'

One of the leaders (group 6) giving a brief talk on the members on what to do and what not. The total trees to be planted on that very day would be 2500 pieces, yes 2500 - every single one of 'em!!! The expected amount of participants to join the event was 300 if I'm not mistaken yet the exact amount that came on that day was nearly 500 people (maybe, can't remember). So, having 2500 divided by 500 plus won't be a problem. I myself planted 8-10 trees, which was abit tiring yet fun experience since there was chics around so I couldn't help to lend a helping hand for them :D haha ...

After one of the Organizer gave his talk we started to grab our trees and start planting away. Ohya, there was no need for digging since the holes are there to be filled with trees straight away. So, it was a piece of cake! Oh, one more thing, for each group (a total of 14 groups) they'll be designated with each of their very own 'zone' ... the whole place, I think it shold be 10 to 15 acres wide. HUGE right???


Can't remember all my group members' faces since we didn't even have icebreaking session, so I only managed to remember the chics in my group.

Can't get a closer shot since I was with them and I had to focus on planting trees for the time being... haha ... the crowd was enormous, you can even see tourists joining the event! I love joining these events, maybe I should consider joining the charity community.

Can't really remember how much we planted but it was alot though. Team 6 group photo. That's the thrill of being a photog, people tends to smile for you but some don't-lah. Oh, I forgot something, we were also given a hand glove for planting purposes. I still have mine 'till now. check out the t-shirt we're wearing and the chics in front? hehe ... After the tree planting session was over, I went to see other activities held elsewhere. There was a group of kids playing musics, face-lift decorations, childrens' section, books' section, beverage's section which was totally FREE!!!, thumb-printing section, parent's section, smoking section, bicycle's section and what else ... that should be all of the sections.

I was everywhere, snapping everything that come across my eyes. My feet's aching already and it was only 1030am after the planting game was over. Didn't bother much about the pain, was kinda hungry haha ...

Check out these kids with their own hand-made musical instruments, the younger generations. Comes to remind of how I was when I was their age ... happy go lucky. Well, my time has past and now it's a different phase of life - which I find boring.


Young Generations.

Young artist.

The crowd.

The babes.


Canon Goes Green.

YAWA - commited to change young lives.

Different faces.


This is the dancing section. I have no idea why it's the dancing zone, could be because everyone's dancing along with the kids playing instruments beside them. Everyone seems to be having fun over here haha ... there's even the FLY FM crew dancing along making things havoc. haha ...

Like father, like daugther.


Fly FM crew.

Nice gear buddy.

Next, we go to the Face-lift decoration section. hmmm ... seems like gal's stuff over here, wanted a facelift myself but better not coz I don't intend to drive back with cops chasing me around town!!!

This is one of their specimens, haha ... this kid actually ran from me coz I kept on taking her pic which was a coincidence. Didn't actually followed her everywhere she went.

The lovely host: Hanson and Elaine.

FLY FM in da house.


Childrens' section. Having fun with color books.

Look I'm Batman, mummy!


Check this out, those trees on the board there ... notice them yet? Those are actually thumb-print from the participants who join this event. I have my own tree on the board too!!! SEE!!!??


Green Team.

The best part about joining these events are seeing new faces, capturing those moments, those expressions, every minutes and second counts. Time just flies by, the next thing you know it's history already. This is my first time taking faces shot, so it was kinda satisfying although not so good yet but I'm content with what I have for the moment. Gonna be taking faces alot sooner or later.

The Tourist.

Green goblin I pressume?

General Green at your service!

Argh! Too bad this is pic's over-exposed!

Dancing queen.

Zainal Abidin's tribute.

with the green team!

By the end of the day, there was this prize give-away session. The questions were too damn easy, but it was more towards for since they were one's shouting and screaming the whole time ... haha ... damn funny!!!


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