23rd - 28th October 2008 - KK Trip for Jalie's wedding

Had a rough night since I didn't get much sleep and because we need to rush to the airport by 8am. I woke up exactly 5:45am and ran upstairs to knock on my housemate's door... he's still sleeping!!!!?!?!? we bath, dressed up and grab our stuff then walked to the LRT station. It was pitch black and cold, so nice - should try waking up early everyday! 6:45am and we're still waiting for the tren, everything was in slow motion - a different side of life we don't always get to see for ourselves.
Managed to snap few shots on the tren. Took us 15 minutes to reach KL Central and I always thought it took 45 minutes ... damn ... as usual you'll see everyone rushing, walking or even running from somewhere to some place ... crazy huh, well you'll get used to it after few months. Hop on to the bus and it was 6:55am, that's a relief.

Didn't pay any attention to anything outside coz I was busy checking out the traffics, didn't want to get caught in some massive traffic jam!!! haha ... luckily we reach LCCT in time and we were 1 hour early than expected! Thank goodness.

* to be continued...

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