Happy Birthday 2009

It's a new year and another new begin ... that's what people always say!
It's the same day like last year, it's my birthday! Yay!!! Hmmm didn't do much though but yet I enjoyed having my friends around although they didn't noticed it was my birthday-lah. Well anyway, I did get some presents from MeiHwa, Angela and Azura though ehehe ... thanx you 2, means alot to me :D got a bottle of Red Label with stars in it from MeiHwa, and from Azura I got cupcakes and chocolate muffins all the way from Sarawak! cool! and it tasted great on my taste-buds ... from Angela I got some home-made cookies :D ... so sweet of them!!!

They always said that, new year comes with new resolution! Never had a great resolution before but maybe this year would help ... hmmm ...

1) Gain weight
2) Start to do some serious thinking
3) Getting some of those collector's item thingys
4) Being successful at least in something

Need to get my hands on the D90 ASAP ... can't stand waiting so long dammit ... oh and I'm planning on getting another lomo camera and a polaroid too ... one with the new version and an old school one too, things should get interesting sooner ... and for the lomo? Oh ... am getting myself a Holga this time :D I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Haven't been posting for some time, was busying around.
Hope to write more soon and with more pics ... do expect to see more dive pics this year peeps!!!


azura jaini said...

hehehe..ada juga nama sa masuk post ko..hahahha..terharu ni..

dw said...

hahaha ada jg org nampak ni blog :D