Packing for CNY 2009

5 days left and counting ...

Yo yo!!! It's been a year since the last CNY ... and it's here again, this month;this very same place called home! *typing while chewing on sum burger*

*still chewing*

Ohya, got myself an old-school polaroid from ebay :D first I thought of getting one of those newly designed ones but nah, later -lah since I prefer the old version ones I need to buy it's films too ... damn, these things cost me a fortune! Well since it's considered one of those collector's item thingy ... maybe in few years to come like 10 -30 years I might be a millionaire selling antiques :D well who knows. Oh 1 more thing, I might get the item in one month's time, dammit hope it doesn't break the thing!

Anyway, just wanted to make a check list before packing up things.

1) camera bag [checked]
2) camera [checked]
3) battery charger adaptors [checked]
4) u/w casing for camera [checked]
5) usb cable for camera [remember to bring this one this time]
6) shoes [checked]
7) toothbrush [checked]
8) shaver [checked]
9) clean undies/clothes/jeans/boxer/shorts [check later]
10) tripod [get a new one]

Hmmm, that should be all of it ... payment for dive trip done, which'll be on the 29th Jan.
Hope it'll be a sunny day with calm sea that day otherwise there's nothing but debris to shoot at.

Things I MUST do:
1) buy my aunt those genting tickets on the 26th Jan for 4ppl.
2) clean the house.
3) buy something back for CNY
4) got my parents their anniversary gift already

Ok, done. Besides that, hmmm ... need to get a tee-shirt design soon :) and don't forget 'bout the banner. I'm so excited excited excited!!!

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