Guess I'm Back?

Hello fellow virtualians!

Damn I miss writing crap over here, altho there's no readers but hey at least I'm putting a good show for someone in that mass virtual world of ours!

Hmm, alot has happened these pass months, weeks ...

1) Trying to get back to reality
2) Met up with an old friend, a pen pal of mine to be exact
3) Got my bloody toilet burnt to ashes
4) Can't recall, screw it ...

Anyways, during my trip back to hometown, I managed to go for a 3 dives trip with the Borneo Dreams which was a good one altho the visibility was very poor but Wee and I had fun with the other divers ... done some catching up with my family and cousins, of course there's always time for my friends as well :D 2 weeks seems like yesterday, guess I can't stop time like Hiro Nakamura did haha ...

Oh man, damn I can't wait to get a new dslr (NIKON D90)... hands are itchy!!!!
I need to get myself some dive gears baby!!!!
Next dive will be ... hmmm ... hopefully it's June and August?

Going for the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta tomorrow night, Hell yea!


brit_lurve said...

and i know who u r talking about.. catching up on good ol time denn?? hehehehe..

dw said...

haha i see i hv a stalker now hahaaha :D