Friday, Labor Day for all mankind

It's a saturday!

I finally got my N D90 last week :D even got everything complete, well almost everything just need to wait my filter holder and the filter as well as the diffuser from China hehe ... I got those stuff with a reasonable cheap price compared to those from the retail shops ... I love my tripod as well :D Benro! Got it from hehe ... managed to get them tested yesterday ... went photo shooting with Nelson and Balkis ...

Friday, first we went to the Look Out Point hilltop for a sunrise scene but too bad the sunrise was behind the hill haha ... we reached the hills around 4 to 5am and we weren't expecting to see there was alot of people ... mostly couples though up there! Damn cold up there but the fresh air kept us wide awake ... almost all of us haha ... after we were done, we went back to take a nap and continued our sunset session at Sepang Gold Coast.

How to go to Sepang Gold Coast without paying toll

1) From Jusco Equines, take the route to Banting/Dengkil which leads to Putrajaya highway
2) If you see a signboard to KLIA on your left hand side, don't turn in and just go straight 'till you see the Banting/Dengkil signboard
3) If you happen to notice you're in a secluded area don't worry you're on the right track ... I hope ... haha ...
4) Then you will reach the traffic light, then go straighttttt 'till you see KLIA again

Took us less than 45 minutes to reach KLIA exactly without paying any tolls and surprisingly it was faster than we expected!!! From Sepang Circuit to Sepang Gold Coast, Sungai Pelek it took us about 35minutes to reach the beach ...

Finally ... phuuu, I hate long journeys ...

Wow ... even though the place is not something like Oz's Gold Coast but this will do justttt fine ...
Huhhh ... the wind's breeze feels so nice ... alot of campers too! Kites everywhere! Just a place to relax and a great way to escape from everything ... constructions are still on going in parts of the area but it's still ok for me :D

Was there 'till 8pm since 630pm ... under the hot sun haha ... so damn tired ... can move a muscle ... headache actually from all the heat! Luckily Balkis was driving ... the we head Kajang which wasn't our plan at the first then we went for Kajang Satay! Every where was freaking crowded!!!!

We end our day by going back home after dinner ... will upload pics later ... need to get rid of some pics in my computer first ... overloaded with pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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