Sunday 3rd of May - MINI STUDIO

Was up early to do my very own mini studio!!!
Yeepiiiiii ... went out to buy breakfast, cutter and materials for the mini studio.

Found myself a box and start cutting here and there ... luckily I still have some Mahjong papers ...

Voila!!! Mission accomplished!!!

Had a tough time figuring out how to use the Nissin Di622 as slave flash gun ... but after 20minutes I finally found out how to use it ... hehe ... troublesome yet it was FUN!!!
Made the room into a studio instead haha ... oh well, it was worth the effort! =)

How to do your own Mini Studio
1) Find a box of your own size
2) Scissors/ cutter as a cutting tool
3) Tape
4) Posters/ Mahjong paper (A1 size)

a) Cut a square shaped on both sides of the box with a scissor/ cutter, make sure you don't amputate the box while cutting it
b) Then cover it back with the Mahjong paper, this is where the slaved flash-gun will fire (either side)
c) Use the Mahjong paper again to make a carpet/ wallpaper as background (use your own creativity for this)
d) There, you're done and ready for shooting!!!

Mini Studio Results

Why do I feel like it's nothing unusual to me haha ... hmm need to do something 'bout the lighting ... maybe soften it abit?