Hello 2011

Although my mission to be a full time diver was a total failure but it hasn't stop me from pursuing it for a long term goal. Well you do know diving cost like hell and besides I've tendered my resignation letter yesterday. A brief sigh of relief. :)

Happy New Year 2o11 people. Hope this year will be a great year for us all!

Tendered my letter, now what?
Of course I have plenty of time to update my blogs, edit more pics, take more pics and more time for myself, I'm ma own boss now!

But for the time being I need to restructure myself so I don't go lazying around now, can I?
I'm surviving purely from part times/full time shoots nowadays :)
Can't wait for my 1st baby shot though. It's gonna be a great start.

The down side bout looking for your own models to shoot for, they always give a cold reply which is a turn off. When I'm famous, I won't be the one looking for models, you models will be the ones looking for me. By then, I'll give a cold answer as well hahaha :P

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