Time for some attitude overhauling this year!

It's 2011 and I can't keep lazying around like I used to anymore. Pffft ... I'm not getting any younger these days. I'm listing alllll the things I need changing for this year to start and I really hope it doesn't only stays on for this year.

1) Waking up early in the morning (like say 530am?)
2) Cutting down ciggies completely
3) Eating healthly (at least 3 meals a day for starters)
4) 15 minutes strecthing/workout after waking up
5) 530am, ample time to prepare myself for the long day ahead
6) Spend 1 hour of exercise, 3 days a week ( doens't sound so hard doesn't it?)
7) Spend less time sitting in front of lappy (unless your editing)
8) Be self-motivated
9) Get yourself out of bed and do something out of the routine already you cave creature!
10) Need to go for bungee jumping this year (for reaaaaaaalllll~~~)
11) Buy new socks!
11) Get a new travelling bag for crying out loud!
12) Be Happy :)
13) Be Grateful :)
14) Drink more H2O
15) Be creative
16) Get a Real website for your photos dummy!
17) Keep 'em photos coming and keep diving!
18) Work harder and stop whining already!
19) Don't stop blogging!
20) This year's all gonna be about babies and landscapes! Ditto!
21) Read more books ... or magazine, comics will do too!

Now that's ... a wholeeee list to keep me occupied this year! Seriously I need this shit.

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