Monday 12:41am

It's almost 1am ... got back KL last night, things were kinda hectic before I went back KK. Car couldn't start, then the car was towed when we went back to jump start it. Had to reschedule for 2 shoots. Just hope things will turn out well soon. All I can do now is sit down and stay calm. Anyway, life needs to go on. Will need to finish 1 newborn portrait, 1 family photo session and 1 prewed in KL before I fly back to KK again for another prewed shoot with Emma on the 26th April 2011. May won't be far after that, there's gonna be 2 preweds and 2 weddings. Was hoping more of newborn's portraits. Having a car in KK will come in handy, feel like driving alllllll over Sabah. That'd be cool huh? In the mean time, I'll be taking old photos for some people. By that I mean this.

Might be stuck at home until end of the month. I hope not, I might rot here til then.

Yea it's Monday again. I used to Mondays until now :)

Signing off, good night and happy working folks!

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