Wednesday 30032011

It's the 5th day without my car, and was staying at home the whole time from the day I came back. Now I know how crippled feels like, not literally but technically. Luckily Balkis was free enough to bring me out with her boyfriend for dinner and bought some things for the house. Seriously going out felt soooooo damn good. Felt like I wasn't apart of the outside world ... all you see when you wake up in the morning's the ceiling, the fan ... the clock ticking ... ticking ... frogs ... basically you can hear everything here ... even the rats, not sure whether it's the next door's pet but it's nearby.

Thursday, can't wait for Monday ... the sooner the better. Lets hope for the best this year :) even though the world's coming to an end. Have you done your part of the bargain?

*Yawns* Been listening to this same old song since Tuesday, and it's been playing since then. Feels nostalgic but I like it.

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