25 August 2008 - The Interview II

Went for another interview in Shah Alam, this time it's sales ... not my ordinary interview I go through ... this one is hard, tougher than I thought it would be and it gave me second thoughts and now I'm can't make up my mind ... not to say I wasn't well prepared or made up my mind with sales ... ok, I wasn't prepared for what he was going to ask though ... for me; from construction hopping to a sale's field - doesn't that sound totally different to you? Not only I didn't get a promising basic wage but he made my thoughts wither ... can't shake it off my mind ... first I thought maybe venturing into business might get myself earning some commission to buy myself some diving gear and a new camera but now, I dunno man ... I'm not scared of the challenge but not getting at least a change in wage should be enough for me ... thinking of taking those ADAS course in Australia now ... man I feel like I'm gutless now ... most important phase in my life and I'm stuck in the middle of no where ... commitments commitments ... can't believe I'm stuck in these kind of situations ... the company I went for the interview today was Abex Medical System one of the top medical equipments sold in Malaysia for hospitals or clinics ... I told the interviewer to give me some time ... and he said I should put some thinking to it ... no turning back ...

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