26 August 2008 - Sunday Evening's Outing

Last Sunday(24th Aug 2008) was another eventful day for me coz there'll be fireworks again that night ... got my gears well ready in the car, then I went out driving just to clear my head off ... it was raining since 2pm so I was hoping and convince that the rain will eventually stop before 9pm ... I head off early - 6pm ... the highway was totally at a crawl even at this time of hour ... luckily I took a short cut ... I still hate the traffic here and the roads ... reach Putrajaya around 7pm something and tried to search for a better location to shoot ... Cyberjaya was my pick this time ... I was one of the early birds there so I managed to pick a good location, since it was raining so I decided to hang around under the porch ... 8pm came 3 fellows with camera gears, I reckon they're here for the fireworks also ... it was drizzling now, another hour to go ... got my gears up and ready to fire ... I was actually the first to be on the alley with camera + tripod ... almost show time and the rain stop ... the show started ... the first few was nice after that, the ones that are higher was covered by the cloud ... oh man, not only I couldn't get a good shot, it was starting to rain again ... and my battery was running low, I left my extra battery in the CAR!!!! ... I stood there with no power to shoot ... I was frustrated alright ... I just stood there and watch at the same getting myself wet without an umbrella ... sigh ... but the place was magnificent ... like the environment alot coz the view there is fantastic!

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