29 August 2008 - MIFC Finale 2008

Today's the final day for the International Fireworks Competition in Putrajaya, was there an hour early so I get to choose my best spot coz it wasn't crowded still ... at first I thought I wasn't gonna attend for the finales coz it was raining the whole so I didn't put much hope in it ... luckily I did managed to go thanx to the weather :D It's almost 10pm and more and more photographers are crowding up the place ... tick tick tick ... the showdown begins, as usual I always had to zoom in ... sigh ... making the picture abit cropped from the sides ... urghh!!! That's one of the good shots ... oh well still more to go ... the show went about 30 minutes or so,

The Brigde - MIFC 2008 Finale.

Flower like fireworks.

Timing's crucial.

The ending was overexposed coz it was all out for them.

The 1st runner up : Team Malaysia
The winner : Team Spain

After the fireworks, I waited while playing with my psp in the car since everyone's burning their fuel away haha ... I had fun tonight, this was the best night ever taking fireworks ... timing's crucial when you don't have a shutter remote ;p

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